Video: Eddie Izzard Star Wars Death Star Cantina

UK comedy superstar Eddie Izzard is heading out on tour to Australia and New Zealand in early 2015. Don’t miss out on seeing one of the funniest comedians that has ever run ultra marathons across the planet.

Izzard has even promised on Australian TV last week that the Force Majeure Tour will include a sequel to his Darth Vader Death Star Cantina skit. Either that, or he is playing Jedi mind tricks on us.

I love Izzard, and I rate his stand-up very highly… he is the best comedian I have ever seen live. And I’ve seen quite a few funny people (more than the list of favourites says!) so I don’t say that lightly.

It is only a few short years until 2020 when Izzard intends to run for Mayor of London (or some other interesting political career move). At that point he’ll need to pseudo-retire from stand-up as he will be busy running a real game of Monopoly, where landing on Mayfair doesn’t cost you and arm and a leg.

At the very least I’m sure that it will be cheaper to buy a pair of heels in England once he is Mayor.

Eddie Izzard 2015 Tour:


  • Sydney – 28 January
  • Adelaide – 31 January
  • Brisbane – 2 February
  • Perth – 4 February
  • Canberra – 7 February
  • Melbourne – 9 & 10 February


  • Wellington – 14 February
  • Christchurch – 16 February
  • Hamilton – 18 February
  • Auckland – 19 February
  • Auckland – 20 February

Tickets on sale now at Ticketek and Ticketmaster.

Go see the master, Mr Eddie Izzard on his World Tour in 2015 and until then read his bio to swat up on your new Mayor.

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Eddie Izzard Force Majeure World Tour, Source:

Eddie Izzard Force Majeure World Tour, Source:


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  1. roman853 says:

    I’ve seen it in the uk. Definitely see it if you can!

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