Video: Grinderman Heathen Child Music Video.

Thanks to John and Kim Scott of The Mark of Cain this week for reminding me about one of the funniest music clips, Heathen Child by Grinderman. The legendary Scott brothers hosted the ABC music show Rage last weekend on Australian TV and exposed their key musical influences over a few hours of great music.

They regaled us with tales about watching Big Black (Steve Albini) perform, how they conned Henry Rollins out of retirement to do vocals on their last album, and how one of their friends in Adelaide had an English cousin who was none other than Robert Smith of The Cure!

If you missed the show read the playlist and recreate the show at home using clips on YouTube. Or just read the playlist if you can’t be bothered.

I digress, back to Heathen Child. You thought Nick Cave was a serious bastard who pens sad songs for a living? Guess again. He enjoys an appropriately timed fart joke just like the rest of us! However, I never imagined him wearing leopard print underpants, but each to their own I guess.

My favourite Nick Cave story is told by radio host Myf Warhurst (Spicks and Specks, Double J, Triple J) who grew up in a small country town in Victoria called Donald that was not far from Nick. She claims that her and her brothers knew Nick as the weird mopey kid who never left the house… which totally explains his pasty complexion.

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