Video: Fantômas perform Charade at the Big Day Out in Sydney, 23 January 2009.

To the Fantômas faithful, listen carefully, nay read carefully… all you want for Christmas is a limited edition OTT package of all the Fantômas records on vinyl (aka the WUNDERKAMMER box set, Ipecac Recordings). Plus, Mike Patton will throw in a copy of original demo cassette tape that he used to successfully recruit King Buzzo, Dave Lombardo and Trevor Dunn. Excited much?

All this can be yours from the 16 December 2014 (delayed due to production issues) for a tiny US$100 and the cool packaging is by none other than – Mackie Osbourne (Melvins album artist, and Mrs King Buzzo).

WUNDERKAMMER Box Set includes:

  • Fantomas performed by Mike Patton (demo cassette)
  • Fantomas (12″ vinyl)
  • Director’s Cut (12″ vinyl)
  • Delìrium Còrdia (double gatefold 2 x 12″ vinyl)
  • Suspended Animation (12″ vinyl)

Fantômas are on tour in Chile next month and for those of you lucky to score a ticket you will see them perform The Director’s Cut played in full. I’ve seen them do the whole record before and you’ll absolutely love it, they are insanely good, and bang out each track with no delay.

Screw what Dave Grohl says about bands performing albums in full, he has obviously never seen The Director’s Cut played live or he would shut the fuck up.

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  1. Zack says:

    I want to like this as a ‘Thank you’ for you liking one of my posts, but I’ve never been able to get into Fantomas.

  2. stevendmcilroy84 says:

    I witnessed a full live performance of Director’s Cut at ATP Festival a few years ago and it was just out of this world. Album’s performed in their entirety is how, I feel, they should be performed. Act 1 – the new album, and an encore of selected hits. Just look at the Floyd performing Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall live, they performed them live how they were meant to be listened too.

    • noisynoodle says:

      I agree, I’ve seen heaps of bands play their albums in full and almost every time it has been a complete joy. Concept albums especially deserve to be played from start to finish. It is not a cop-out as Grohl suggests, and in some cases I suspect ticket sales boom when shows are advertised as a full live rendition of the album.

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