Video: Ricaine Judy’s Fence Music Video (Album: Regret Is An Inevitable Consequence Of Life, 1996).

What does your hometown sound like? Inspired by attending the Face The Music Conference in Melbourne a few weeks ago, I thought that I should do even more on my blog to capture the sounds of my home city, Melbourne. I’ve already noticed that it is hard to find some old great music on the internet, although we all presume it to be a time capsule for everything (sorry friends, it isn’t).

Dave Grohl has done a good job of exploring music by US cities in his TV show Sonic Highways, but what are the rest of us doing for the cities we love? Let’s put our opiniated blog posts where our mouth is and capture sounds from both the past and present!

I’m starting today with a track from noise-rock band called Ricaine from Melbourne who were only a 3-piece but they made a lot of noise. Ricaine featured Brett O’Riley (Warped, Blacklevel Embassy) on bass, Neil Thomason on guitar/vocals (Paint Stripper, producer/engineer at Head Gap Recording Studio*), and Thomas Jackman on drums.

Ricaine’s labelmates return this month for a celebration of Rubber Records who have been releasing independent music for 25 years. Congratulations to David Vodicka and co! I bet some of you locals didn’t even know that 1200 Techniques had reformed!

Rubber Records 25th Birthday Celebrations:

  • The Casanovas – Wednesday 3 December – Northcote Social Club (Guests: The Affected)
  • bZARK – Wednesday 10 December – Northcote Social Club (Guests: Low Fly Incline, Gareth Skinner, Fergus Hunt)
  • Cordrazine – Wednesday 17 December – Northcote Social Club (Guests: The Genes)
  • 1200 Techniques – Wednesday 17 December – Howler
  • UndergroundLOVERS – Saturday 20 December – Howler
  • EVEN – Friday 19 December and Saturday 20 December – The Gaso

* Head Gap Recording Studio has recorded the likes of these eclectic Melbourne artists: Dirty Three, Augie March, Magic Dirt, Courtney Barnett, and Paul Kelly.

Further Exploration:

Sounds of Melbourne:


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I am a noisy noodle hailing from Melbourne, Australia who loves listening to noise in all forms, but preferably in music, TV and film. I’ve moonlighted on community radio at SYN-FM many years ago when I was still a “youth”. My mission is to promote live music (get off your bum and see something!), highlight interesting TV shows that are ignored by the ratings, expose some cool films and to not go deaf trying!

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