Video: Run The Jewels A Christmas Fucking Miracle Film Clip

I saw Santa today, and he wished me a Merry Christmas. I thought he had forgotten about me! He did seem a little thinner than I remember, so I presume that he doesn’t want you to leave out any cookies for him tonight or you might ruin his health kick.

Ah, Christmas music, doesn’t it make you a little sick in the mouth? The 8-year-old me used to love Last Christmas by Wham, I thought it was the best of the Christmas songs. Thankfully, I’m over my Wham phase. Rest assured parents of One Direction afficionados, your pain and suffering will one day end. Until then, be strong.

I dished out my Run The Jewels self-titled CD the other day and chucked it on the old beatbox, and low and behold after track 10 (A Christmas Fucking Miracle) I discovered a few bonus tracks including Pew Pew Pew. I was enlightened.

I already possessed a legitimate RTJ free copy of the album when I finally saw the Run The Jewels CD miraculously appear at my local JB Hi-Fi store (a wonderous cavern of electronic products and shit of cultural significance).

On that day I decided Killer Mike and El-P needed my respectable $20 funding to continue to spread their message of hip-hop joy throughout the world on RTJ2. Little did I know I was helping fund one of the best albums of 2014!

See folks, my love and support for the duo paid off. That’s what’s called a Christmas Fucking Miracle.

Run The Jewels 2015 Tour Dates:

  • 3-4 January, Southbound Festival 2015, Sir Stewart Bovell Park, Busselton, WA
  • Wednesday 7 January, The Hi-Fi, Sydney
  • Thursday 8 January, with Joey Bada$$, Forum Theatre, Melbourne
  • Friday 9 January, with Joey Bada$$, James Cabaret, Wellington, NZ
  • Wednesday 14 January, Regent Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

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Run The Jewels 2 Cover, Source:

Run The Jewels 2 Cover, Source:

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