Video: Shudder To Think So Into You (cover) Music Video.

I read a Pitchfork interview recently that was from 2008 with the lead singer of Washington DC’s indie-rock band Shudder To Think, Craig Wedren. Wedren wasn’t exactly sure if Shudder To Think had left a lasting legacy on music since their break-up in 1998.

I thought that was kind of sad, given how interesting the music of Shudder To Think was. It had heart, swagger and style. So I decided to start a quest. Okay, some might call it a list.

Video: Shudder To Think X-French Tee Shirt Music Video.

Video: Shudder To Think Red House Music Video.

A list of artists who may (or may not) be influence by Shudder To Think:

#1 Jeff Buckley

I cheat, as this one is confirmed as Jeff and Shudder To Think had a mutual love of one another’s music. Alas, is there ever a time not to want to hear Jeff perform Shudder To Think’s I Want Someone Badly?
I Want Someone Badly:

#2 Deftones

The band have cited Shudder To Think as an influence, and they both made albums about ponies (okay, with ‘pony’ in the title). Drummer Abe Cunningham has indicated in an interview that he thinks Shudder To Think were underrated.
Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away):

#3 Placebo

I’m fairly sure the first album of Placebo released in 1996 hearts Shudder To Think. The tone of the music and twang of the guitars fits together very well despite being created on the opposite sides of the globe.
36 Degrees:

#4 Perfume Genius

Mike Hadreas’ soft and vulnerable voice relays to me the sensitive qualities found in Wedren’s singing. The gender bending might just be a coincidence 😉
Dark Parts: 

#5 Keaton Henson

Again, that sensitive quaver in Keaton’s voice reminds me so much of Wedren.
Small Hands:

#6 The Dillinger Escape Plan

Yes, it sounds like a stretch but when I heard Option Paralysis it took me a few weeks to realise that one of the best voices in metal, Greg Puciato might harbour a thing for Shudder To Think. The tracks, Endless Endings and Room Full of Eyes both have glimmers. Equally the mathcore legends are probably just as influenced by King Crimson as I can now see that Shudder To Think were (which I can hear throughout Pony Express Record).
Endless Endings:

This list is totally subjective and not based on any evidence. Feel free to advise if you find any substantial evidence of bands influenced by Shudder To Think!

Shudder to Think - Nathan, Craig, Stuart and Adam, 20th Anniversary - The Black Cat, 14 September 2013 © 2013 Marco LaGamba Photography & Shudder to Think Source:

Shudder to Think – Nathan, Craig, Stuart and Adam, 20th Anniversary – The Black Cat, 14 September 2013 © 2013 Marco LaGamba Photography & Shudder to Think

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! A worthy tribute to the guys. I’m confident they’ll appreciate this.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ll pass the link onto the guys. Keep an eye on the HeadMedicine blog.

    Brian has been working hard at detailing an oral history of Shudder to Think.

    Also watch our FOILCHEWER channel on YouTube. I need to clear it with the boys first but we’re thinking of posting a large block of video(s) from the “The Recording of Pony Express Record” this year.


    • noisynoodle says:

      Cheers Marco, that’s really cool of you!

      I’ll definitely have a read of the Head Medicine blog and tune into the YouTube channel. I did stumble across a snippet of the Pony Express Record making of video the other day, so I’m really glad to hear there could be more footage coming.

      Btw, I loved the pics you took for the 20th anniversary 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you! I basically shadowed the guys at the reunion show. I actually own Nathan’s white Les Paul and Adam’s drum kit. Reuniting the gear and taking pics seemed like a fitting tribute.

      • noisynoodle says:

        That’s pretty cool, and helping reunite the band with their gear is a nice gesture!

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