Video: Deltron 3030 City Rising From The Ashes Live on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Hip-hop messiahs Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Dan The Automator and Kid Koala (aka Deltron 3030) totally blew the audience’s minds, and mine, at the Hi-Fi Melbourne (27 February 2015).

The hip-hop gods started by giving us a 45 minute show from the one and only #1 turntablist, Kid Koala! Throw on a koala suit with bouncy ears, name your three turntables after Aussies (in your cute Canadian accent), use your knees to scratch and I’m yours.

Playing a bunch of songs from Deltron 3030 self-titled first album (Mastermind, Positive Contact) and the 13 years in the making Event II (City Rising From The Ashes, Melding Of The Minds, My Only Love), the show was electric the entire way through.

It was obvious from a few songs in that Dan Nakamura was experiencing some technical difficulties (missing drum machines) so Del gave us an impromptu performance of his solo raps, Sir Dzl. Dan explained that the previous night Kid Koala (Eric San) had lost his vinyl in transit between cities. His vinyl. A turntablist loses his vinyl and the show must go on!

Del regaled us with stories about quitting smoking and not being able to find any stores in Oz that sell vape accessories*. Luckily he had his own stash with him as his was able to create a smoke machine from his vape. Instant ambience!

Soon the fun engulfed time and an hour passed in what seemed like 5 minutes**, and the band decided to leave the stage which whipped the audience into a complete and utter frenzy. Deltron 3030 played a few additional tunes that melted our minds, and from memory they might have snuck in the reminiscent track featuring Jamie Cullum, Do You Remember.

But no, we would not shut up as we needed another encore because we are greedy bastards… and this might have just been one of the big gigs I’ve been to in the last decade! The band encouraged us further in a bid to entice Del back out on stage one last time… as he probably had to get back to the future or something.

Holy crap, without warning the band start playing the original, and best Gorillaz song Clint Eastwood! The Del-Automator-Koala knock-out punch. Sorry, Damon Albarn – you should’ve been there!

The crowd floated into the heavens as one in a giant musical stupor, and you couldn’t wipe the grins off our faces for a week.

Deltron bass player, Juan Alderete (Doctor Octagon, The Mars Volta) had this to say:

* In my mind I see a vision of Del skating back to his hotel room, and stopping bystanders to ask them about where to buy vapes.
** We might have been transported to the years 3030 and 4010 and back again.

Video: Deltron 3030 Nobody Can Live on Soundcheck.

Deltron 3030 Australian Tour, Source:

Deltron 3030 Australian Tour, Source:

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