Video: Sharon Van Etten Taking Chances Live at 2014 Pitchfork Music Festival.

Ms Sharon Van Etten is a tiny women with a big majestic voice that can haunt you around corners. She is also one of the best singer-songwriters of our time, and if she had decided to play her last album Are We There? in full at her Hi-Fi show in Melbourne (3 March 2015) we all would have agreed (and died and gone to heaven).

I swear I would have taken whatever I was given on the night! And weren’t we given something? We were treated to a mighty new song folks! Rejoice, Ms Van Etten is writing again!

Sharon played the absolutely lovely Taking Chances early on, followed quickly by Tarifa, Break Me, and Nothing Will Change from the stunning album Are We There?. We also heard Magic Chords, Tell Me and the killer track Your Love Is Killing Me where you can feel her bleeding all over the room as she performs.

The show was far looser than I imagined, Van Etten was quite funny between songs, and the band were a bit groovy. Obviously, my preconceived notions of the band revolve around clips I’ve spied on YouTube and therefore proves you can’t just sit at home in your undies on the internet and enjoy the same live experience*.

Ending the night with the brilliant Serpents taken from Tramp, because it is such a fine rocking tune that you can’t ask for another encore once you hear it. Well actually you can, but when the house lights go up you know they are saying “fuck you” and its time to head home.

* By all means, sit at home in your undies while on the internet, but do not fool yourself for a minute that it is just as good as being at the show 😉

Sharon Van Etten World Tour 2015, Source:

Sharon Van Etten World Tour 2015, Source:

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