Ricaine: Judy’s Fence (Sounds of Melbourne)

Video: Ricaine Judy’s Fence Music Video (Album: Regret Is An Inevitable Consequence Of Life, 1996).

What does your hometown sound like? Inspired by attending the Face The Music Conference in Melbourne a few weeks ago, I thought that I should do even more on my blog to capture the sounds of my home city, Melbourne. I’ve already noticed that it is hard to find some old great music on the internet, although we all presume it to be a time capsule for everything (sorry friends, it isn’t).

Dave Grohl has done a good job of exploring music by US cities in his TV show Sonic Highways, but what are the rest of us doing for the cities we love? Let’s put our opiniated blog posts where our mouth is and capture sounds from both the past and present!

I’m starting today with a track from noise-rock band called Ricaine from Melbourne who were only a 3-piece but they made a lot of noise. Ricaine featured Brett O’Riley (Warped, Blacklevel Embassy) on bass, Neil Thomason on guitar/vocals (Paint Stripper, producer/engineer at Head Gap Recording Studio*), and Thomas Jackman on drums.

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Video: Fantômas perform Charade at the Big Day Out in Sydney, 23 January 2009.

To the Fantômas faithful, listen carefully, nay read carefully… all you want for Christmas is a limited edition OTT package of all the Fantômas records on vinyl (aka the WUNDERKAMMER box set, Ipecac Recordings). Plus, Mike Patton will throw in a copy of original demo cassette tape that he used to successfully recruit King Buzzo, Dave Lombardo and Trevor Dunn. Excited much?

All this can be yours from the 16 December 2014 (delayed due to production issues) for a tiny US$100 and the cool packaging is by none other than – Mackie Osbourne (Melvins album artist, and Mrs King Buzzo).

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Faith No More: New Song Motherfucker

Faith No More have released their first single from the eagerly anticipated* but unnamed reformation album. The track, Motherfucker, will be officially released for Christmas on the 9 December 2014, but for vinyl lovers Record Store Day on 28 November provides an opportunity to get your crusty fingers on a limited edition 7-inch single (only 5,000 copies).

I expect the single Motherfucker might make a nice album opener. But who knows? They probably have 20 other tracks that could be just as interesting. I can already picture the guys walking nonchalantly on stage out in front of a massive stadium dressed splendidly (as always), and they begin by playing this track:

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Jane Tyrell: Wild Waters

Melbourne songstress Jane Tyrell (Urthboy, The Herd) released her debut album Echoes in the Aviary on 16 October 2014 via Elefant Traks Records. Instantly, when I heard Tyrell’s track Wild Waters a couple of months ago, I thought UK trip-hop masters Massive Attack need to record a new album with Tyrell on it.

She has one of those exceptional voices that on the right track will make you melt into oblivion.

Wild Waters is one such example:

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Father John Misty: Bored in the USA (Late Show with David Letterman)

Video: Father John Misty Performs Bored in the USA on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Indie-rock’s pastor Father John Misty is not shy, and loves putting in a good show for the television cameras. Joshua Tillman may have turned up to the Late Show with David Letterman on the day, but it was definitely his nonchalant persona Father John Misty who entertained the crowd when the camera lights switched on.

The religious experience performance included not one, but two pianos, a string orchestra, a laugh track and Misty looking all brooding. The reveal of the pianola was a nice touch and allows Misty to writhe about with his microphone and curl up on the piano and show off his subtle purple socks.

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Run The Jewels: Early (Late Show with David Letterman)

Video: Run The Jewels Perform Early (with special guest Boots) on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Rappers Run The Jewels picked a special track off their excellent new album Run The Jewels 2 to play on David Letterman on Halloween last week, and hence the back-up singers in facepaint! The track was Early features a stunning hook sung by Boots, the producer of Beyonce’s 2013 album, who luckily joined Killer Mike and El-P for their Late Show performance.

On Early, Killer Mike raps a powerful tale about being pulled over by police for possession of marijuana. Don’t take my word for it, just watch the clip and listen.

In other RTJ news the first single Blockbuster Night, Pt 1 is about to receive an accompanying video that the boys recently filmed in Atlanta. I must warn you that in a clear nod to their charity album funded through Kickstarter, Meow The Jewels, there is a cat appearance in the clip. Meow.

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Mastodon: The Motherload (Late Show with David Letterman)

Video: Mastodon Perform The Motherland on the Late Show with David Letterman

I’m going to miss comedian and talk show host David Letterman when he retires next year. The last fortnight was a prime example of artists stepping it up a notch when they play on the Late Show. Sure, there will be other live musical performances on talk shows after Dave’s long gone (my bets are on Jimmy Fallon taking the reigns of the musical talented) but something will definitely be lost.

Why am I always interested to hear how Letterman responds to the artist after a performance? Does his choice of words seem to prove how great the artists were, or am I just reading into it and he says the same nice things to everyone?

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Grinderman: Heathen Child

Video: Grinderman Heathen Child Music Video.

Thanks to John and Kim Scott of The Mark of Cain this week for reminding me about one of the funniest music clips, Heathen Child by Grinderman. The legendary Scott brothers hosted the ABC music show Rage last weekend on Australian TV and exposed their key musical influences over a few hours of great music.

They regaled us with tales about watching Big Black (Steve Albini) perform, how they conned Henry Rollins out of retirement to do vocals on their last album, and how one of their friends in Adelaide had an English cousin who was none other than Robert Smith of The Cure!

If you missed the show read the playlist and recreate the show at home using clips on YouTube. Or just read the playlist if you can’t be bothered.

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Deltron 3030: Australian Tour

Video: Deltron 3030 City Rising From The Ashes Music Video #2

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Dan The Automator Nakamura and Kid Koala aka Deltron 3030 are heading to Australia for the first time in 2015, need I say anymore?

The smoothest rapper Del, the producer extraordanaire Dan The Automator, and the turntablist virtuoso, Kid Koala don’t just fall onto a tour together. Their self-titled debut album was made back in 2000, and their follow-up album Event II was separated by a long and dreary 13 years in some society where the technicolour of Breaking Bad cinematography did nary exist.

Albums came and albums went but they did not teach you anything about surviving in the post-Skynet world. Until Event II you were like a 14-year-old John Connor stuck in rut until your athletic mum told you to run away from some kind of killer metal bots. But I digress.

Deltron 3030. Put down your toys and just get ready to listen.

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Eddie Izzard: Force Majeure 2015 Tour

Video: Eddie Izzard Star Wars Death Star Cantina

UK comedy superstar Eddie Izzard is heading out on tour to Australia and New Zealand in early 2015. Don’t miss out on seeing one of the funniest comedians that has ever run ultra marathons across the planet.

Izzard has even promised on Australian TV last week that the Force Majeure Tour will include a sequel to his Darth Vader Death Star Cantina skit. Either that, or he is playing Jedi mind tricks on us.

I love Izzard, and I rate his stand-up very highly… he is the best comedian I have ever seen live. And I’ve seen quite a few funny people (more than the list of favourites says!) so I don’t say that lightly.

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