Video: Killer Be Killed Snakes of Jehovah Music Video.

Killer Be Killed just played their first ever club show (and only their third gig) overnight at 170 Russell, Melbourne during a sidewave with Lamb of God for the Soundwave Festival.

Their first ever tour began on Day 1 of Soundwave in Melbourne on Saturday (21 February 2015), where in some quarters Killer Be Killed were tagged as the band of the entire festival.

Luckily for us Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy), Troy Sanders (Mastodon), and Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) found some free time in their diaries to orchestrate a mini-tour to Australia.

Ben Koller (Converge) was on drumming duties due to Dave Elitch’s (Mars Volta) pre-commitments to Antemasque, and Juan Montoya (MonstrO, ex-Torche) joined in on guitar.

Killer Be Killed were ferocious in their intensity. Imagine watching a medley of your favourite metal bands live, resulting in pure musical insanity!

Cavalera holds the fort guiding the audience to chant alongside him, Sanders stands poised behind the microphone as he croons, and Puciato tries and fails to resist the urge to jump into the crowd on every second song. Old habits die hard!

A longtime fan of each of these metal legends, I seriously had to stop from pinching myself at one point to prove that I was watching all this unfold.

As expected the first single Wings of Feather and Wax elicited a great response from the crowd, as the song gives each vocalist a time to shine, Puciato in particular. Snakes of Jehovah also stood out as a high point in the show, there’s something about Cavalera singing about Greek mythology (Medusa)!

Other great moments included Face Down, Dust Into Darkness, and my favourite song of the night was Melting of My Marrow which the band collectively knocked out of the park “we forge down the road less travelled”.

The train might have left my station, but don’t let the Killer Be Killed freight train pass you by.

Video: Troy Sanders talks to Metal Hammer about Killer Be Killed.

Killer Be Killed @ 170 Russell, Melbourne, 24 February 2015. Photo by Kane Hibberd, Source:

Killer Be Killed @ 170 Russell, Melbourne, 24 February 2015. Photo by Kane Hibberd, Source:


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