Video: Secret Chiefs 3 performing The Three (Live at the Great American Music Hall DVD)

Take 4 parts Mr Bungle and add 1 part violin virtuoso and you have Secret Chiefs 3 = Mr Bungle 2.0 (aka Middle Eastern instrumental madness!). Originally featuring Trey Spruance on guitar and keyboards (yes, both!), Danny Heifetz on drums, Trevor Dunn on bass, Bär McKinnon on sax and percussion, and the amazing Eyvind Kang on violin.

I love SC3 and just when I feel in the mood for some quality music I learn that the guys have been touring the US and Canada last month. OMG. Will they return to play in Melbourne again one day?

I thought I had a hometown advantage with “Bär” calling Melbourne home over the last several years, and Danny spending a lot of time in Sydney. However the most recent touring line-up tells a different story as neither are still in the live band. Thus,  it is my duty to figure out a way to convince Trey to move to sunny Australia and play gigs in my backyard. Too ambitious you think?

Well until I succeed I can enjoy the new album they also released last month, Book of Souls: Folio A a sequel to Book of Horizons. Yes, you heard correctly. It is a new album AND a sequel to their other great album from 2004.

Have I been living under a rock? Why the fuck did I not hear about this earlier?

Trey enlisted help from his friends for the new album, including Danny Heifetz, Timba Harris, Ches Smith, Shahzad Ismaily, Anonymous 13, and William Winant. While the touring SC3 line-up now includes Matt Lebofsky, Kenny Grohowski and Toby Drivers.

The other most excellent news is that Book of Souls: Folio B will also be released for our listening pleasure this year. Keep your eyes peeled in September.

The minute you hear it is released please send your pigeons out to inform me. There is a good chance I might have tripped and fallen under another rock.

Lastly, here is the Secret Chiefs 3 performing Renunciation on ABC’s Recovery (circa 1998). Worth my 8 cents a day in tax.

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  1. Paul Christiansen says:

    What? There’s a new album? That one slipped through quietly!

    • noisynoodle says:

      Exactly, it is very low key – some press went out in April that I seemed to have missed completely. Maybe everyone thinks we have forgotten SC3 since it’s been just shy of a decade since their last album! I’m here to tell them we haven’t – and this post is getting a lot traction from SC3 visitors… there are hundreds of us!

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