Video: Mastodon Blood and Thunder Live @ Roskilde Festival 2011

Prog-rocks favourite children Mastodon and Clutch vocalist, Neil Fallon got together once again to perform Blood and Thunder. One of the best tracks from Mastodon’s Leviathan is made better when you get to see the guest vocalist perform live with Mastodon. Oh the joy!

That’s how I ended my 2014 Soundwave Festival in Melbourne (28 February 2014). I don’t expect to see any band topping that anytime soon.

This my friends, is what festivals are made for!

All festivals should contain musicians jamming together on stage for the hell of it. It’s what the fans want to see, and it creates a long lasting memory for everyone present that can’t be recreated at every other festival.

2014 Soundwave Festival I bow my hat down to you. I was not only impressed with the ease of movement around the Flemington Showgrounds this year, but I was greatly impressed with all the guest appearances on the festival and at the sidewaves.

Musicians who treat each other like comrades = awesome shows.

Mastodon and Neil Fallon (Clutch) perform Blood & Thunder live in Sydney Soundwave 2014

Mastodon and Neil Fallon (Clutch) perform Blood & Thunder live in Sydney Soundwave 2014, Source:

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